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Alison Wonderland was born Alexandra Margo Sholler on 27 September 1986. She is an Australian electronic dance music producer, DJ, and Singer who has been a part of the music scene since 2008. 

Alison found her musical tastes when she developed an interest in electronic dance music. She shared in an interview that, “I went out to a club called Candy’s Apartment… Someone played ‘Silent Shout’ by the Knife… I remember just completely zoning out… and walking over to the DJ and asking, ‘What is this track?! Please tell someone what this track is, because this is amazing’.” Since then, she has honed her own talent in electronic dance music.

And she finally released a debut album, Run in March 2015. The album peaked at #6 on the ARIA Albums chart and was certified gold.

Since then, she has continued to put out great music and albums while staying true to her own interests and personality. This has inspired a generation of fans who look up to her and her music.

But more importantly, Alison Wonderland has also been a major advocate for mental health and wellness. She speaks out about her own experiences with depression and how important mental wellness has been to her and her life balance. And she openly shares these experiences with her fans.

Today, Alison Wonderland still advocates towards mental health and wellness while putting out stunning music in the electronic dance and trance categories. Her live performances are attended by a growing number of music lovers and fans who cheer her on. And she continues to rocket up the charts across the globe.

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